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The wear resistant coating with perfect sliding properties and anti-adhesive effect!

This coating method is particularly suitable for highly stressed abrasive surfaces
such as in hot-runner nozzle with which glass or carbon fiber reinforced
Plastics are processed.

Since the film also has also an ideal pairing properties, the frictional resistance is minimized.
Coated metal parts can without additional lubricant (lubrication) are moved towards each other with very long service life.

Furthermore, the layer above all an anti-adhesive properties and is largely resistant to corrosion
compared to most plastics. The XINCOAT layer is also ideal for abrasive
 claimed mold inserts and injection molding, extrusion and Compounderschnecken.

The process temperature is 60 - 75 ° C and thus the influence of
coated material is not in its structure.

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