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Filter nonwovens

Filter nonwovens

Filter nonwovens are used in the separation of solids from liquids, primarily in machining such as grinding, turning, drilling, milling used. Individual requirements of flow rate, particle size, viscosity and purity lead to the identification of the entered filter fabric. Depending on the application and the required resistance can be selected between polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, viscose and other materials.

When choosing the nonwoven different factors to consider. The fleece is selected so that the largest possible separation performance is guaranteed, without the flow of liquid is reduced by too much pressure loss. Of the operation, a distinction nonwovens with surface and depth filtration. Nonwovens with depth filtration effect have structurally a bulky structure. The filtrate is flowing through such a fleece, micro-particles get stuck in the labyrinth fiber. In this position, these microparticles contribute to the fact that the filtration still increased. (We call this structure composed of an accumulation of small particles also results "filter cake"). In a class of non-woven surface of the particle build-up and the filtration cake formation take place only on the surface of the web. This sets up quickly according to, it takes place a large pressure loss, the medium increases, clocked the filter.

Our filter mats can be cut in the roll width and meter number you want. For all filter media tailor blanks can be created. We are happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate filter fleece material.

Areas of application:
- Industry (cooling lubricants, ...)
- Water Filtration
- Medical / Chemielaboratiorien

Possible variants:
- Reel (length and width according to customer requirements)

Filter media:
- Polyester
- Polyamide
- polypropylene
- Viscose
- Mixed Fleeces
- And much more.

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