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The Cleantower 7000 is a mobile, universally applicable flushing device for the automatic removal of rust, lime and other deposits in water-bearing systems. Restore the optimum efficiency of your cooling or heating systems.

In many areas of industry and trade, saving time-consuming maintenance saves you valuable savings.
At the same time, with improved performance you achieve optimized functions and minimize production downtime and machine wear.
Further benefits can be obtained through functions for leak testing, for hairline cracks or for disinfecting systems.
In addition to the functions of the Cleantower 4000 and 5000, the Cleantower 7000 offers a possibility of preservation with our Corrosion Protection Cleanpower 30 after the cleaning process.
Furthermore, the flushing device can be operated with a battery and with air. The battery life is about 7-9 hours.
Calibration of the PH probe with documentation / storage on a stick of the expired processes:
+ Pre-rinse time
+ Cleaning time
+ Flow L / min.
+ Programming the runtime
+ PH control during cleaning
+ PH control for the first batch of Cleanpower 10 cleaning medium or Cleanpower 30 anti-corrosive medium.
All data is stored on a stick after cleaning and can therefore be assigned to the injection molding tool or the cleaned machine with your internal number as documentation on your system as proof.

do the washing up
In the "Rinse" function, the pump is purged in various applications by starting the pump, the optimum efficiency is restored and, if necessary, conserved.
For systems with a corresponding volume size, a pump with significantly higher performance is used.

The "blow-out" function removes the product used and returns it completely to the tank. This allows a clean and safe work and a very economical use of funds.

Pressure test for leaks
The "pressure test" function can be used to check systems for leaks and to detect hairline cracks.

The "emptying" function allows complete emptying of the tank via a nozzle. The agents used can be returned to canisters and used several times.

During the rinsing process, dissolved particles as well as suspended particles are collected by the external, easy-to-clean filter (filter sieve 60 μm). For large or heavily soiled systems, an external filter can be connected upstream if required.

After the cleaning solution Cleanpower 10 has been blown out, the filter glass must be emptied. Then you switch to the "Conserve" function. The pump is started in the same way as during the cleaning. Thereafter, the clean power 30 is blown back into the tank. Thus, the cleaning and preservation is completed.
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